Artist Interview With Oddeti

We did a short interview with Oddeti from the t-shirt design contest site Design By Humans(DBH).  Oddeti(pronounced ahh-duh-tee) is most known for his design ‘A Tale of Two Lovers’ which was a big part of the DBH10k contest.  He has since had two more designs printed at Design By Humans, those being ‘Snakes and Daggers’, and his most recent, ‘Tears of Gaia’.  You can see more of Oddeti’s work on his Behance profile, and you can follow him on Twitter.

Enjoy the interview!

Do you have any unusual hobbies?  If so, do they help you in your designing?

I wouldn’t call it unusual, but I do love my video games. Ever since I picked up Modern Warfare 2 it has pretty much taken up my whole life. I constantly have to pull myself away from it to actually get work done, haha.

Whats your favorite season?  Do you feel like your motivation for creating art varies throughout the year?

Well I live at a beach so I definitely love the summer. As often as possible during the summer, I will go down to the beach and try to do some life drawing. It is the perfect place to study the human form.

I wouldn’t say my motivation varies throughout the year, but I do have my slumps that I go through where I don’t like anything I create. I guess every artist goes through that at times.

Is there an art style you have yet to, but would like to try?

I’ve never really tried traditional inking, but I would love to give it a go. I often feel too confined to the limitations of art software, so I would love to have the freedom to do whatever I want.

Whats your favorite art style right now?

I don’t really think I could name just one style that is my favorite. It really varies from stuff like Mathiole’s watercolors, to Ray Frenden’s traditional comic style inking, to Matthew Skiff’s vector work. That’s the great thing about art. There are so many wonderful styles to choose from that you can never get bored. There is always something new to try.

Do you design things outside of the t-shirt world? If so, what?

Recently I have started to pick up web design. I will probably be focusing more on that for the time being, but still plan to do illustrations as much as possible.

What is your goal as an artist?  Do you have something specific you would like to accomplish?

I think the goal of any artist is to have people praise their work. While course the money that can go along with is very nice, I get a better feeling from pieces that have never been printed but people really love.

What gets your motivation going?  Where do all of your ideas come from?

Probably my biggest hurdle is my motivation. I regularly have a hard time coming up with ideas that I like. That’s one of the things I am trying to work on; finding inspiration in everyday life.

Pick your favorite design you’ve done, whats the story behind the idea?

That would probably have to my “A Tale Of Two Lovers…” shirt from DBH. I had been working on the design before the DBH10k was ever announced, and I almost didn’t submit it for the contest thinking that it was too cliché of a concept. With most of my designs I try to use popular imagery but tell a story with it. With that design, the story was of a geisha who was waiting for her lover who never came home from fighting in a battle. I really tried to portray the story by the somber expression in her face.

Do you have a favorite t-shirt contest site that you like to submit to?

That would probably have to be Design By Humans, though I am trying to branch out to more. Their typical style just seems to suit what I create more than anywhere else I have found.

 Any tips for aspiring designers?

Take your time and learn the craft before you jump in head first. All too often I see people, that have no idea what they are doing, submitting random stuff to contest sites and think they have a chance at winning. If you really want to take shirt design seriously, learn all there is to know about it BEFORE attempting to make money from it. Don’t just slap random photos or stock vectors on a shirt and think that it is something special.


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