Artist Of The Week – Jaden Kale

It’s time to feature our first artist of the week!  We are very happy to write this feature about Jaden Kale.   

Jaden Kale is a t-shirt designer from Wisconsin, and in her time she has produced a ton of great artwork.  While spreading her designs out far across the internet she has gotten quite a bit of coverage in the t-shirt world, including becoming a curator for the t-shirt design contest site Tilteed!   

Jaden Kale has a bunch of shirts out there that are pretty awesome and could use an extra push, you can help her out by voting for these designs:   

Bottle Boardie:  This is my personal favorite, it’s up for voting at Inkblitz, a newer design community based around sports.  I just love that little guy surfing inside a bottle.  Awesome!   

Thumblina's Kite Day

Thumbelina's Kite Day


Thumbelina’s Kite Day:  This cute little design is a great representation of being able to do anything you want to(for the most part of course).  This design is up for your voting pleasure at  Also up for voting at Goodjoe is He Wanted To Fly So Badly.   

Quicksilver Psycho:  This one isn’t up for voting, but it is up for support!  You can give the shirt a minimum of $20 to help it get printed, and when it does you get the shirt and $0.20 from each sale!  I love this design, and it doesn’t have much further to go with its support.  Right now it has $720 out of $1000.  I’ll be sending in my $20 soon.  The top hat is my favorite part of this design.   

Jaden Kale also has designs that are already for sale, if voting isn’t your thing.  Aside from having her own online storefront with Cafepress, which holds her best-selling design titled Garlic & Gaelic, she also has a store set up with My Soti that features designs using only the colors red, white, black and grey.  Cool! And last, but not least, Jaden has a whopping four designs that have been printed at Goodjoe:   



So, as you can see, Jaden Kale really does have a lot to offer the t-shirt universe.  Now get out there and support her and her artwork!  You can keep up with her at her blog or on Twitter.


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