Artist Of The Week – Sven Palmowski aka a.mar.illo

This weeks artist is from all over the place!  Born in Germany but now living in Barcelona, Sven Palmowski aka a.mar.illo is a freelance illustrator who has done quite a bit of work for bands like Chiodos, and clothing brands such as District Cotton in New York.

Sven doesn’t have much when it comes to designs up for voting, but he does have one pretty sweet one that can be seen and voted on at Design By Humans.  It’s comical, but it will make sense when you see all of the little parts, the design is titled The Perfect Tee.

But when it comes to tees that a.mar.illo has up for sale the list is almost endless, but here are a few of my favorites:


City:  This is a design he did for Nightmare City Apparel.  I love purple shirts and cityscape themes so this gets a 5 out of 5 from me!  

Trash Attacks

Trash Attacks

 Trash Attacks:  I love cityscapes, but awesome monsters are a very close second!  This ones up for sale at Uneetee.

Those are just two selections from a bunch of gems, you can see them all on Sven’s website.  If you are still hungry for more, then he won’t disappoint!  He also has a swarm of designs for sale at, this includes The Architect, Underwater Birds, Future Shopping, and Soul Machine, all of which are must sees.  They show off a.mar.illo’s style of art very well so you can get a feel for the type of work he does.

On top of that, he has two of his designs available on tons of products over at Spreadshirt, take a look at Lost in Space and Flugschiffe.

Sven has one more to show you, it is a design titled Immune and is for sale by Cosmic Soda.  This design is pretty simple, but its cool because sometimes you don’t always want this crazy busy shirt design.  It’s a very nice addition to an already amazing line of artwork by a.mar.illo.

I think I’ve given you enough to look at from Mr. Palmowski, so I leave you with this – This guy is something serious in the t-shirt world and I think a lot of aspiring t-shirt designers could benefit from following his work.  You can do so on his website or his Facebook page.

Thats all for today everybody come visit again next Wednesday for our new artist of the week, dzeri29.  Have a good one!

PS Don’t forget about our St. Patrick’s Day Sale! Until the 19th you can get 15% off of Angry Spade shirts.  Details in this blog post.


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