Artist of the Week – dzeri29

These artist of the week things are pretty cool aren’t they?  Anyway, this week we have dzeri29, a Design By Humans mastermind.  Also known as Jerry, dzeri29 has seven prints from DBH.  Some of my favorites are:

Guardians fo Existance

Guardians fo Existence

Guardians of Existence:  Jerry is an amazing illustrator and this design really shows that off.  All of the small details you can find in this shirt are insane.  He drew this with a pen and it turned out awesome.  You can also see the fine work of the DBH printers with the gold foil accents on this print.



temptress:  This one is kind of creepy looking, but it’s really cool because, again, you can find all of these crazy details in it.  This one was done simply with a sketch and Photoshop.  This is the 5th winning design by dzeri29 on Design By Humans.

Jerry has five other prints from DBH that you can see on his profile:  They include red sky universe, which is his most recent, this won Shirt of the Week on March 13th, Scavenging Bird of Prey, Set Me Free, Unknown Species, and Fierce Ideology.  It was really tough to pick favorites out of these, but I pulled through for you!

If you would like to see more of dzeri29’s work printed, maybe even on a shoe?  Then head on over to RYZ and vote on his two shoe designs he has there.  Take a look at Fearless and Allure.  I’m not a huge fan of these slip on shoes but he got my vote for the awesome designs!

Jerry has more work for everyone’s looking pleasure on his Threadless Profile, or you can watch him on Deviant Art.  For all of you Multiply users out there you can find him here, and lastly, his Facebook page can be found here.


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