Artist Of The Week – Biotwist

***NOTE*** Before you all read, I apologize for not having pictures, for some reason they just aren’t working today and I wasted half of the day trying to get them to work.  Please click on each link and take the time to actually look at this great artists work.  Again, I apologize for the issues.

Everyone is in for a comical surprise today, our Artist of the Week is biotwist who some of you may know from Design By Humans, TeeFury, or Threadless.  He is one of my favorite shirt designers because his designs are fun, colorful, and usually will make you laugh(or at least smile).

Biotwist is, like most artists, striving to grow and get better at what he does, and even though he may be partially color blind he hasn’t had a problem pumping out the work.  He has a ton of shirt designs, so I’ll start with two of his recent TeeFury prints, you can’t buy them now but they might pop up again someday, you never know.

Realistic Koopa Troopa:  Koopa Troopa is my favorite Mario Karts character!  Aside from that, this shirt printed on Feb. 3rd, and is a realistic version of a classic video game that’s interesting to see.  If I imagined Koopa Troopa walking down the street, this is what he would look like.  The best part is he used the could as a bush just like in the game!

Toastbusters:  This was printed a bit more recently than the last one.  It’s just a little amusing parody of Ghost Busters with a slice of toast instead of a ghost.  Yea, I’m a poet and I don’t know it, I can make a rhyme anytime.

If you want to help Bio get more prints as great as these ones be sure to look at what he has up for voting at Design By Humans. There are a ton to look at on his profile there but these are some of my favorites:

Swirling Spiral:  This trippy all-over print could only be done by the masters of shirt printing over at DBH.  This design would work well on almost any shirt color and I like it because of that simplicity it carries.  I have my fingers crossed for this one.

Artskull No.2:  This is a sequel to biotwist’s first print at DBH(you can see that here.)  Featuring watercolor effects and bright colors this design could change how people view skulls by putting a brighter light on them.

Rocking The Labyrinth:  This one just recently went up for voting.  It’s another all over print with simple colors, a great example of minimalism at its best.  A simple vote from you could help this get printed.

Biotwist doesn’t limit himself to a few design websites.  In fact, he is always trying out new ones and his art is popping up everywhere from Threadless to Split Reason, which houses his brand new design titled Deaths Read Ring, this design is a metaphor of the infamous RRoD.

Haven’t had enough?  You can see all of Biotwist’s designs on his Emptees Profile or watch him on Deviant Art.  And, of course, follow his Twitter page for constant updates on new art and interesting links.


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  1. Extremely talented artist

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