Artist Of The Week – lastsoundtrack

Quite a few people were upset about me deciding not to do the Artist of the Week posts anymore so I figured I’d bring them back and see what I can do here. This week I’m going to write about lastsoundtrack who is most known on Design By Humans for is unusual but amazing shirt designs.

If you haven’t had a chance to see some of these great works of art then you need to head over to this guys DBH profile and take a look at some of the prints he has there. These are my personal favorites:

Fear The Pastels

Fear The Pastels: This shirt is so sick. At a glance it just looks like a bunch of lines and colors, which it is. But if you look at the way those lines and colors move and work with each other you can see a huge saber tooth tiger in the design. Simply awesome. I was lucky enough to score one of these as a Christmas present before they all sold out!


Deernapping: This one is pretty strange. But yet somehow I am attracted to it because of how different it really is. You can’t say that if you were on a nature walk and you saw this happening you wouldn’t stop and stare. Well, now that impossibility is a t-shirt design thanks to lastsoundtrack’s great imagination. =)

Lastsoundtrack also has 3 other prints at DBH that are titled The Buffalo, Loudness, and Shirt of Prey. All of which are worth a look. I strongly suggest looking at what he has up for voting as well, Spark The Forest and Blades.

This lovely artist has a few other designs that could use your vote. On he has a colorful jungle cat design called POUNCE waiting for your full attention and on Metal Ink he has a very unique design he calls Forest Fangs. Both are prime shirt designs that I would love to see printed. And you should too!

Like most artists, lastsoundtrack isn’t only into shirt designs, he also has quite a few fonts he has created. You can see the whole collection on here. These really are pretty awesome as far as free fonts go.

Hopefully that is enough to hold you over until next week! =) If you would like to keep up with this artist, and I suggest that you do, you can follow him on Twitter or check his website from time to time. Thanks for reading!


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