Artist of the Week – missmonster

I am a huge fan of brightly colored cartoonish monster t-shirt designs, and this artist is chalked full of them. This week I want to show you the interesting work of missmonster. You may have heard of her on Design By Humans, but there is a lot more to the art work of missmonster.

I will show off her awesome shirt designs that you can buy from various places first, since I try to keep this blog as t-shirt oriented as I can. Anyway, missmonster has 4 prints that have been done by Design By Humans which you can see here. One of my all time favorite prints by her is:

Deep Creature

Deep Creature

Deep Creature: While this design is much different than the rest of her work and is not a great example of her usual style, I love it and it is my favorite out of the 4 prints missmonster has had so far at Design By Humans.

On top of that she also has a few online stores set up in various places like Big Cartel, Red Bubble and Etsy. Please take a look through each of them because they all have different artwork to offer! She has some seriously cool stuff in her Big Cartel store though.

If you want to see more of missmonster’s t-shirt artwork then head over to her Emptees profile where you can find quite a few great examples of her work all nice and neat and organized. Unlike my blog, haha.

I try to focus my attention mainly on the t-shirt aspect of things, but missmonster has a ton of other things to offer the art world as well. Her other artwork varies from paintings all the way to costumes and accessories! You can see some of these unusual but rather cool items in the gallery on her website.

I think I covered most of the bases here, but I can understand if you want more info on this great artist so please feel free to take a look around her website, watch her on Deviant Art(updated very often), or the usual Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace. She also has a blog set up on Live Journal and Blog Spot. If you want to keep up with her on a more visual basis then check out her Flikr account.

That’s all I have for you. I urge you all to take a look at her work, you for sure will find something that you are interested in. =)


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  1. It’s neat to see great t-shirt designs — especially with colorful monsters. missmonster has some really creative stuff out there. Thanks for sharing!

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