Artist of the Week – WinterArtwork

Time for another Artist of the Week, it seems like just last week we featured the lovely missmonster and her creative and unusual artwork, oh wait, that was last week! Ha! Well, you can read her feature here if you missed it.

But this week, we are moving on to sir WinterArtwork. He is another artist from Design By Humans. It seems most of the good t-shirt artists get their foot in the door with DBH, and I’m glad because it makes it so much easier to find them! I actually started following WinterArtwork about a year or so ago, I featured his shirt designs a few times on my old BlogSpot blog that was called Tee Spotter(some of you may have seen it before). Now I am stepping it up for him =)

I will start off with one my favorite designs by him, and that is Tired of the Tiger Face! This design was a big part of the DBH 10k last year and I rooted for it the entire time. When it eventually did get printed(we all knew that it would!), I bought it the next day. Have a look at this sweetness:

Tired of the Tiger Face!

I love WinterArtwork’s ability to make an extremely well illustrated piece of artwork into something funny. If you don’t see the humor in it then take a look at different t-shirt websites, how many tiger faces on shirts do you see? Too many! Not enough of those tigers are getting punched in the face! Well, that has been taken care of now.

Moving on, WinterArtwork recently had a print at TeeFury, it was an Avatar parody that featured the Pandora Blueskins. Funny, funny. You can take a look at that design right here, though it can’t be purchased anymore.

This amazing illustrator has some designs up for voting as well, and they are looking pretty swell!

The Door Knocker

This is titled The Door Knocker, crazy details in there! Take a few minutes of your time and send in your vote if you would like to see this get printed, your opinion DOES matter.

The Bad Cloud

I think this is one of my favorite works by Winter, and its not up for voting yet =( Maybe soon! You can send him a comment or favorite on his Deviant Art for this design though.
Are you in love with him now? Good! Now you can follow him on Twitter, read his whole blog, scan through his Flickr and watch him on Deviant Art. You stalker, you!

Keep it real kids!


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