Zombie Liquorice Review

I received my first order from Zombie Liquorice recently and I would like to make them my first t-shirt line review.  This is my first time writing one of these so bear with me, haha.

I won’t spend too much time talking about the packaging because it was a simple plain poly-mailer which is perfectly fine, it gets the job done.  Upon opening up the mailer (more like tearing into it) I found two very neatly folded t-shirts, no extras like stickers or buttons, in fact there wasn’t even a receipt or packing slip.  This however, is not a big deal though because I was amazed by the shirts and how nice the printing was done.  Zombie Liquorice uses American Apparel shirts which are basically industry standard when it comes to t-shirt blanks.  I’m not sure who printed these awesome shirts but they are very well done, the print is nice and crisp and brightly colored.  Plus, it doesn’t feel like plastic like some screen printed shirts; the ink is decently soft and not rough at all.

Below are some photos of the shirts I purchased, the first one is called Tick Tock and features a huge clock design with a zombie lurking above.  I like this design because even though it’s not guts spewing out everywhere it’s still just as hardcore as the others.  The second photo is of Jars.  I am a big fan of the colors used in this design, that was actually one of the main selling points for me.  This one includes 3 jars with various zombie parts such as fingers, eye balls, and front and center is a whole head floating in some formaldehyde.  Sexy.  Both of these designs are pretty eye catching in my opinion, they stick out, you haven’t ever seen them before and they aren’t tacky.  My favorite part of both designs is the placement of the brand name and how they incorporated it into the design.  The third photo is of the custom printed tag that is inside of each of their shirts, I love it when brands include this on thier shirts.

Tick Tock


Custom Printed Tag


I picked up these shirts while they were having a sale and I also found a 10% off discount code at The Tee Directory which you can use as well if you are interested in trying out one of these hardcore shirts.  Even without the sale and the 10% off discount code though, I think that Zombie Liquorice shirts are definitely worth the $20 price tag.

I’ve seen so many awesome brands from Canada and this is just one example.  Truth be told I think we should watch out for our brothers up north, they may just take over the t-shirt world!


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