Miles To Go Clothing Review

I picked up a shirt from Miles To Go the other day and I wanted to write a review about them.  This is an awesome clothing line that deserves the attention.  I am very impressed with everything they do.

When a Miles To Go shirt arrives you are greeted with this awesome custom packaging.  Screen printed poly mailers are a cheap but professional way to ship t-shirts.

After tearing into this neat packaging you find a neatly folded t-shirt inside of a clear poly bag.  I love it when clothing lines do this, it just feels good when they go that extra mile and put forth extra effort to make their line look good.

Now on to the actual shirt, the part that most people care the most about, haha.  Miles To Go uses American Apparel shirts, no complaints here.  I like American Apparel for the colors, fit, and softness of the fabric.  The printing on this shirt is super soft, I believe it may be discharge printing, but don’t quote me.  The design I chose is just a simple two color line of text.  It says “I Have Promises To Keep.  Miles To Go.”  There are some designs in the Miles To Go store that have 10 colors!  That’s intense.

That’s not all that is involved with this shirt.  There is a custom woven tag with a snappy little hang tag attached.  These are both perfect was to finish off an already awesome t-shirt.

Basically all I can say about Miles To Go is that if you want to try them out but you aren’t sure if you’ll like it, just do it!  You will love your new shirt.


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