Cure Apparel Review

I have owed this review to Kelly from Cure Apparel for so long now, I am finally getting to it.  Sorry for taking forever!

I ordered this shirt from Cure because the design attracted me.  I had no idea that this shirt would be unlike any other I’ve ever had before.  (I think I just made that sound way more dramatic than it really is, but who cares, haha)  Anywho, what arrived with my mailman that day was a nicely packed plain poly mailer.  I never have complaints about these because they do such a good job protecting the tees inside.

I got the Fingerprint tee.  It came nicely packaged with a sticker from both Cure Apparel and from Storenvy(I’m not sure why there was a Storenvy one but hey I’ll take a free sticker any day!).  Both are now happily stuck to my case of Angry Spade shirts.  When I took the shirt out of its bag, I felt the softest material I have ever felt before.  This was my first Alternative Apparel shirt so I was surprised by its quality.  (For those of you who have never owned an Alternative Apparel shirt, they are super soft cotton, very thin, and they have an amazing fit.)  You can’t feel the print on the shirt at all except for the white where the word “Cure” is, but even then, its pretty soft.  These guys know all about quality that is for sure.

There are a few other details I’d like to point out with this tee.  One is the custom screen printed tag, no scratchy woven tags!  Printed tags are great, they give the brand even more ability to make the shirt “theirs”.

The other detail is the custom woven hem tag that is sewn at the bottom of every Cure Apparel t-shirt.  It is their Blood Drop logo, simple, but it looks awesome!  I forgot to snap a picture of this when I took these other ones, but if you scroll up to the picture of the whole tee, you can see the label on the bottom hem. =)

All around, there is nothing bad about this shirt at all, though I didn’t expect there to be with how well Kelly runs his line.  If you would like to know more about Cure Apparel, please take a look at my older blog post that goes into detail with what Cure is all about.


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  1. Awesome review! Thanks so much for the support and kind words!

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