The Big Bang Theory – Sheldon’s Tees!

I am a HUGE fan of the TV show The Big Bang Theory.  And, as most people who watch the show would say, Sheldon is my favorite character.  He is what makes the show funny 80% of the time.  But it gets better…his t-shirts are AWESOME!

I was curious the other day and did a quick Google search to see if I could find out where they get the shirts he wears on the show.  To my surprise the second link was!  How awesome is that?

They have every single shirt he has ever worn on the show, they even have the ones that have been discontinued in a separate section.  Not only are all of the shirts pictured and listed, the site also tells you where you can get them, if you so please, and if the shirt is still available.

Some of my favorite Sheldon Cooper shirts are:

TV Color Bars - Worn in Season 2 Episode 11 and Season 3 Episodes 2 & 18

Monsters - Worn in Season 2 Episode 14 and Season 3 Episode 4

Spazz Stone - Worn in Season 2 Episode 3 and Season 3 Episode 9

They don’t stop at Sheldon’s shirts though, they also have all of Leonards tees and Howard’s belt buckles.  Call me lame, and you probably will(but its okay, no offense taken), but this is pretty cool of someone to do for a TV series!

Thanks so much for reading and please please PLEASE tell your friends about my blog =)


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