Fresh Dough Review

I did a post a few days ago called The Big Long List of Purple Tees, and while scouring the web for purple tees to add to this list I found one particular that I really liked.  It was Get it Kraken from Fresh Dough.  This Octopus(Squid???) knows how to make it rain, for real!  Yea…anyways.

As for packaging, nothing special, just a plain white paper envelope.  That’s perfectly fine, its cheaper which means they can keep their prices lower and lower is better!

I have expressed how much I like it when brands pack their tees in clear bags inside the packaging before, and this is another example of this.  Its not one of those fancy self sealing poly bags, but who cares, it keeps your tee nice and clean in the mail!  It adds to the suspense of opening up your brand new t-shirt too!

Moving on to the shirt.  Fresh Dough prints on 100% cotton Tultex shirts, they are fairly comfy and a close second to American Apparel, the fit is very similar.  They are a bit on the thin side but a lot of people like that.  As for the print, it feels pretty stiff, not to the point where it feels like a sheet of plastic but you can definitely feel the ink on there.  It even shows through a good bit on the inside of the tee.  This may soften up after a wash or two though so not to worry.  Aside from that, whoever printed these did an awesome job, its lined up perfectly and there is no white peeking out from underneath the other colors.  Superb!  Their shirts also come with a free sticker, which is always super cool.

I snagged this sweet piece of fabric during Fresh Dough’s 50% off flash sale they had not too long ago but I would say that it is for sure worth its $16 normal price tag.  They have lots of other pretty cool designs too so be sure to check them out!


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