Why T-Shirts Are Good For Your Band(And For Artists)

I spend a lot of time writing about clothing lines and all of the things that tie in with that.  Today I want to bring something else into the equation…bands.  If you are a t-shirt artist, what can a band do for you?  If you are a band, what can t-shirts do for you?  If you are a t-shirt design…nevermind.  This here article is going to explain the answers to the two questions above.

So lets say you are a t-shirt artist and you go on your way making designs and selling them to people(for clothing lines, charity events, whatever) and then one day you get stuck.  You have designs that no clothing lines need right now, and there just seems to be no one else interested.  Wrong.  There are tons and tons and tons of bands out there that are definitely not designers and know nothing about t-shirt artwork.  Here is where you come in, they are a band in need of some artwork suitable for some t-shirts, you are in need of some cash.  Make friends with each other.  Point is, don’t leave bands out of your target market.

Now for you bands out there touring the world and playing your music.  Everyone hears you and everyone sees you, but that doesn’t mean they know who you are after you leave.  People forget.  One great way to spread the word about your rockin’ band is, you guessed it, t-shirts!  Not only does it make you money, it also helps promote when you aren’t even around.  Some kid watches you at a show, thinks your awesome, buys a shirt, he/she wears it to school, out with friends or where ever he/she goes, and people see that shirt.  Some people will ask he/she where they got it and what its for, he/she will tell them and BINGO, new fans for you!  See how that works, and all because you lit up that kids face at a concert that you probably would have been forgotten about afterward.  What it comes down to is, yes t-shirts cost money, but they don’t have to be outrageous, and you can easily make your money back.  Find a good artist and a good printing service and you’ll be all set.

Also for you bands.  I know most of you know absolutely nothing about t-shirt art, so, I will give you a few hints of the trade.  Not every design is right for just any band.(A band that calls themselves Flower Power shouldn’t have a shirt with a zombie gushing blood out of his eye sockets on it)  It has to make some kind of sense.  Be careful when choosing designs or when explaining what you want to your artist.  Try to stay relevant to what message you are trying to put across to your fans.  You may be wondering, where can I look through a bunch of designs and possibly purchase one, and WHERE in the world do I get these things printed?  Rest easy, my friend, I have the answers.  Mintees.com is an awesome resource for both finding t-shirt art and for finding places to get shirts printed.  But before you go ordering shirts online, check your local area, chances are there is a screen printer somewhere nearby that will do it for a lot less than some of the big boys do online.

That just about sums it up.  I know I didn’t cover EVERYTHING, but this should have given you somewhat of an idea.  I will end this with some band tees I found on SmartPunk that caught my eye.

Thanks so much for reading and as always, please tell your friends!


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