Neat-o Clothing Co. – Wolves vs. Lions

(Read to the end, there is a surprise!)

Lions and tigers and bears oh my! Actually, just lions and wolves. This clothing line called Wolves vs. Lions is roaring with pure awesomeness. Based out of North New Jersey, this brand is trying to be something that anyone could like, but also staying away from sell out trends. That seems like a pretty good plan to me. From what I understand, they also offer their design services to bands who need artwork for just about anything.

Right now they have three designs that come in both mens and womens sizes, I like this. A lot of brands just say “women should order one size down” and that doesn’t always cut it. So offering womens sizes is a major plus. Props to them for that!

Now, out of their three designs, this one is my favorite. It’s called “Weaponized” and comes in both army or black(I like it on army better). It looks like it has a gold-ish glittery ink, but I may be wrong I’m only going by the picture(Talked to the owner, no glitter, it’s just a distressed graphic, sorry for the mixup). The design is a Lion and is made out of various weapons, the designs main focus is war, so this is appropriate.  Wolves vs. Lions prints on Tultex shirts, which are similar to American Apparel in feel and fit.  Take a look:


The prices are pretty good, they vary from $15-18.  I would say its worth the cash for one of these sick tees.  But, Wolves vs. Lions has something special for all of you readers, take 15% off of your order using the discount code spotter15 at checkout.  How awesome of them!


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