The Wonderful Life Clothing – A Fellow Pittsburgh Company!

I found this brand(The Wonderful Life) on Emptees the other day.  A hoodie from their new line was the ‘tee of the day'(Oddly enough, seeings how it is a hoodie).  But anyway, I was really digging the design on the hoodie so I checked out the brand to find that they are also from Pittsburgh!  It’s always nice finding neighbors.  I continued looking around and found some awesome tees from them, so, thus brings this feature article for them.  You should thank me, you are about to witness something awesome.

The Wonderful Life is all about..well..exactly what the name states, life, appreciating our world, being real, and never giving up.  That sounds like a pretty legit reason to dedicate a brand to, in my opinion.  WL is run by 3 totally rad dudes, Brian Nagan from the band Four Letter Lie, Matt Gondek who is an awesome illustrator and artist, and Jason Mosley deals with all of the social media stuff for them.  Pretty solid team I’d say, and it proves to be so through their website, shirt designs, and overall way they run their company.

I’m sure your all dying to see some designs by this brand so, here you go, these are from their new fall line that has just been released as of October 5th:



The Wonderful Life - Fall Line



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