Cutteeth Review

This awesome clothing line called Cutteeth was kind enough to send me two tees to review.  I want to take a few seconds to thank Mike for this, I do really appreciate it because it can get pretty expensive sometimes since I do go and buy tees to review.  So, thanks! You rock!

Now, lets get on with it.  Packaging is simple, postcards and business cards taped onto a white bubble mailer.  Cheap and effective, works for me.

Whats inside is what really matters.  I pulled out pure gold!  The first shirt I looked at was their design called Your God.  This design is pretty cool, it features the all seeing eye, or third eye, whichever you prefer to call it.  One thing I REALLY love about this shirt is that its printed on Alternative Apparel.  These shirts are seriously the softest things on the face of the earth, and if you don’t believe me, you need to get one.  Right now.  This shirt goes for only $20!  That’s an amazing price for such a high quality print.  This shirt also features a sleeve print with the Cutteeth logo as well as a custom printed neck tag that made me ‘lol’ for a second or two.

From what I understand Mike prints all of the shirts on his own, so each shirt is handmade just for you!  That’s really awesome, not too many clothing lines do that.  I’m sure that has something to do with how Cutteeth can keep prices so low!  Anyway, this is the second shirt I got, it is titled Always Killing.  Pretty neat two color design on a bright ass yellow American Apparel tee. (Maybe ‘bright ass yellow’ was kind of inappropriate, but I mean come on, this is 2010)  I really like American Apparel shirts, I find them to be very consistent as far as colors and sizing go.  This shirt has a custom sleeve print and printed neck tag too.  The print on both shirts is super soft, you can’t feel a thick layer of ink or anything which is always good, too many times I’ve gotten shirts and put them on and felt like I was ready for war.

All in all, if your digging Cutteeth’s designs, then just spend the $20 and snag one, it is most definitely worth the price.  And no, I’m not just saying that because I got some free stuff.  Oh!  Speaking of free stuff, I forgot to mention the extras included in with the shirts, some post cards and business cards!

Have an awesome weekend!  Enjoy the tolerable weather before temperatures drop to unbearable levels.


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