604 Republic – A Little Something From Up North

I’m not sure if there’s just something about Vancouver, or if I’ve just been missing out all of this time, but I’ve found some really awesome clothing lines from up north recently.  I don’t think I shed enough light on the international areas so today I want to tell you about 604 Republic, they followed me on Twitter the other day and as always, I was inclined to check them out.  I was greeted with some surprisingly cool hoodies and t-shirts, basically all with designs I could actually see myself wearing rather than just acknowledging them as great artwork.

604 Republic’s goal is to be super popular when it comes to hoodies, and I would say they are well on their way.  Quoted from their website:

“We believe the hoodie is this generation’s official uniform, offering the perfect combination of style, comfort and awesomeness.”

If you take a closer look you’ll see that this lovely line has something for just about anyone, their designs could fit well with any style.  That is a big plus.  Another thing that is really good about this company is they aren’t using cheap products to keep their prices lower, they are using high quality garments and the branding on them is terrific.  Lets take a peek at my favorite design in the 604 Republic store:


Jeeves3000 - Custom Hood Stitching
Jeeves3000 – Custom Hood Stitching

As you can see, the print is pretty well done, the lines are clean the colors are vivid(It’s just so beautiful, I’m tearing up).  Seriously though, print quality is a big deal for me, though it might not be for others, I don’t like the scratchy feel of thick layers of ink, call me picky, go ahead, do it.  Another thing I’m really digging is the custom stitching on the hood with the 604 logo, not many clothing lines do this and its really nice to see someone standing apart from the crowd.

I’m excited to try 604 Republic out, hopefully sometime soon I can pick up this awesome hoodie titled Jeeves3000(which also comes as a t-shirt, if you aren’t into hoodies).  They were even nice enough to give us all a discount code! Use the code TEESPOTTER2010 at checkout for 15% off of your order!

And, if you are into hoodies, check out Tee Spotter’s Big Long List Of Hoodies!  Updated occasionally with the latest and greatest.


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