Dirty Dudes – Stay True To The Dirty Lifestyle!

Psst! If you read to the end, there is a special gift from the clothing line for you!

I found these guys on Twitter and their name intrigued me so I clicked on it and found some interesting things.  Dirty Dudes is about living a lifestyle and they say that they are more than a clothing line, they are a way of life.  Pretty cool motto, I would say.  There isn’t too much else to talk about as far as the brand itself goes, but hey, at least they have a mission.

The designs are spiffy so lets take a look at some of them.  This first one is my favorite, it’s a logo tee, but one of the better ones I’ve seen.  DD Sailor features an anchor and some distressed designs surrounding it.  My description sucks so just look at the picture:


DD Sailor

Dirty Dudes also has a hoodie that I quite like, it’s text based and is basically the front of the hoodie covered in the words Dirty Dudes.  This will also be added to my Big Long List Of Hoodies.  Yes I know, I have yet to actually update it, but I will today! I promise!  Anyway, this hoodie is called Mess and comes as a t-shirt as well.  Dig it.


Mess Hoodie

Plus factors – everything is printed on Tultex tees/hoodies, so there is no cheap non-fitted apparel to be had here.  Shipping is only $4.50, so there is no breaking the bank just to get your stuff delivered to you.  Sweet!

Also, since Dirty Dudes loves you all so much, they have given you a 15% off discount!  Use the code TeeSpotter at checkout for your discount!


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