T-Shirt Laundry – Get A Load Of This!

(And get 20% off of everything in this store until November 30th with this discount code – TEESPOTTER)

I’m usually not too into writing about stores with a bunch of funny tees because we have all seen them before.  But this particular store seems to care a lot more about quality and customer service.  So, I bring you T-Shirt Laundry.  There are lots of things that make this store more than just buying t-shirts online and unlike most shirt stores, they have new tees every week, so there is always something new to look at.  They print on Gildan Softstyle shirts, no scratchy uncomfortable cheap shirts to be had here!

One thing I found particularly cool about T-Shirt Laundry is their Reward Points program, basically you earn 1 point for every $1 you spend, and when you rack up 150 points they send you a $20 gift certificate!  That’s pretty awesome, $20 is enough to buy almost a shirt ‘n’ a half!  You have to buy about 10 shirts to get there but hey, its more than anywhere else offers.

T-Shirt Laundry has tees by the tons(I wonder how many shirts make up a ton?).  They are broken down into 6 sections which consist of funny, dirty(who wants a shirt with dirt on it, gross. Yea..that wasn’t funny..), pop culture, geeky, sporty, and graphic tees.  All are stuffed with cool tees.  If that’s not enough for you then how about your own custom tee for only $18?  You can do that too with T-Shirt Laundry’s custom  t-shirt section.  I am assuming they use DTG(digital) printing for their shirts other wise they probably would not offer this service.  Personally I’m not a huge fan of this kind of printing, but I know lots of people who are.  I’m just picky(as we have established before).  Either way, $18 for a custom shirt is pretty good.

Anywho, moving on.  This is another thing I don’t see shirt stores offering often enough, gift certificates.  I know I would love it if Electric Zombie offered these because then I could hint to my friends and family that I love this line and then come birthday time…shopping spree!  Oh, the dream.  You could make this dream come true for your friend or family member(or me) with a T-Shirt Laundry gift certificate set for any amount you choose.  Just keep in mind, you should make sure it covers any taxes and shipping costs 😉  You’ll thank me for that later.

That’s enough reading for now, here are some of my favorite picks from the T-Shirt Laundry store.  Remember that discount code good for 20% off that was at the top?  Well, here it is again – TEESPOTTER  You can use this code until November 30th, have fun!


Groundhog Day Of The Dead

Two Goals, One Cup

The Red Truth


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