Othello Industries – No Stupid Trends Here

There are tons of brands jumping on the t-shirt bandwagon and making shirts just because they think they can make a pretty penny on them.  The reality is they are following a trend that will eventually fade away and they will be left with tees that no one wants.  That would most definitely suck.  On the other hand there are brands like Othello Industries that are making designs that are timeless and could be loved by anyone.

If you’re looking for a simple logo tee, Othello has that.  If you want something different and colorful, they have that too.  A quick look through their store will show you how they cater to a very large audience of people(Not really sure why I needed to clarify that, I guess you just never know).


Eggplant Crown

They get the name eggplant, not from the design but from the shirt color(not to worry, no eggplants were crowned in the making of this t-shirt), because this simple design that I love so much comes in 6 different colors and styles including a few v-necks.  The crown is the Othello logo and seems to be working really well for them.  I dig it.  Soon to be added to my Big Long List Of Purple Tees!


Sugar Skull

Here is something a bit more complex.  I have seen a few sugar skull designs here and there but this one is pretty sweet.  The colors are attractive and the design isn’t so out of control that I feel like I might go into a seizure or something.  Note the tiny Othello crown on top of this dudes head.  Love it.

Othello Industries even goes as far as making shirts for kids! Very rarely do you see this with clothing lines.  They really are trying to sell to a wide range of people(again, you never know!).  That’s still not all, though.  They also carry a line of belts and bandannas!  These belts, which I believe are done by Miles To Go, are the best.  I own a few of them and they are pretty high quality and will last me forever.

Overall, I think this is a great company that has a lot to offer and will only have more as time goes on.

I say every single one of you go to the Othello Industries website and look around, then go to their store and  help support them(you can use the code spooky for 20% off your order through this weekend)! And as always, spread what I spot by telling your friends about this article!


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