Shatterproof Clothing – Selling Tees To Plant Trees

Talk about a mission statement!  Shatterproof Clothing.  According to their website, “Shatterproof is the ability to evolve, adapt, and grow under any circumstance”  They believe in nature and its ability to adapt to any changes in environment and even went as far as making a pledge to use only eco-friendly products and for every shirt sold, they donate money to plant a tree.  That is amazing!

I think what attracted me to this company most is their mission and the passion behind it.  I also really like how simple their designs are, most of them are just one color prints of trees.  But their new fall line holds a few new designs if you aren’t into their logo tees.


2010 Logo Tee

This particular shirt is my favorite, it comes in a bunch of different colorways and is even available in toddler sizes!  And the little kid modeling it is so adorable!


This tee is from their new line, I’m not thrilled about the design itself but I love the idea behind it.  Again just a simple one color print.  Proof that you don’t have to sell shirt designs with 12 colors to look good as a clothing line.

Do yourself a favor and give Shatterproof Clothing the chance they deserve.  This world could use a few more trees anyway.


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