Interview With Doctor Hazmat

Hey all, I haven’t done an interview in a while so I went on a hunt for someone willing to do one.  Found a real doozy, I introduce you to Bryan of Doctor Hazmat.  Great guy, you will love him.  Please give his store a look over, he really does deserve the attention.  After reading what he had to say, I am seriously so glad I came across his brand.

Thanks for doing an interview with me, I am a big fan of yours.  Why don’t you tell everyone a bit about yourself?

Thanks, that’s always nice to hear.

I am a cartoon secret agent platypus that foils evil schemes at least once a day every Monday through Friday. In my spare time I climb mountains, kick buildings, rescue sharks from burning oceans, and I’ve just bred the worlds first T-rexradoodle. Also nothing that I have said so far is true (except for that first sentence).

I’m actually Bryan Sotomayor. Wait… Yah that’s my name. I love Saturday morning cartoons, most kinds of art, video games, sneakers, and Steve Jobs.

What exactly is Doctor Hazmat about?  How did you think of it?

It’s about Doctor Hazmat, his robot assistant M.A.C., the creatures/monsters they create, and the adventures they go on. The shirts are sort of a storyboard for me to project their lab projects and adventures on.

I wanted do something that is fun and had endless possibilities. So “Doctor” for creating life and “Hazmat” to put crazy/fun twists on things.

Have you always wanted to have your own t-shirt line?  What got you into it?

Not at all. For me everything changed when I decided to grab my bag, got on a train to China Town, and bought a ticket to Boston. A few hours later I arrived, and took a cab to the corner of Newbury and Gloucester. At 10:30pm I started camping out in front of Johnny Cupcakes for series 2 of “Somethings in the Cupcake Mix”. After that event I realized that a clothing line doesn’t only have to be about the clothes. If you stay close to your brand and the people that support your brand it becomes much more than a clothing line. After a few more years of camping out for days at a time, and many chats with Johnny himself, I decided I really wanted to do this.

[That is pretty intense, I’m kind of jealous]

You have a very creative style about your work, where do you get your inspiration from?  Any specific brands or artists, bands or otherwise?  Or, is it simply just something that came to you?

Well obviously Johnny Cupcakes. His brand is nothing short of amazing. He inspired me to start my own brand. I had an idea. There was just one problem. I can’t draw to save my life!

So after a month of searching for designers I found Derek Deal of the Black Axe. He is the artist behind everything you’ve seen so far. He truly captured my vision of Doctor Hazmat.

Pyknic is another great brand that I check out often. They recently ranked 2nd in Business Weeks “Best Young Entrepreneurs 25 and Under”.

Fur Face Boy must be one of the most original brands I’ve ever seen. Looking at his tees it’s very obvious that he puts a lot of thought into is brand.

Steve Jobs is a branding mastermind, and I love almost everything Apple. He also has a hand in Pixar. I believe they are the best story tellers and character developers the world has ever seen. If you have a chance, I suggest you pick up “The Pixar Story”. It’s very inspirational.

John Lasseter, an animator, was fired from Disney years ago for being innovative. Despite that he continued to follow his dream and brought us Pixar.

Pharrell Williams is an artist through and through. Instruments, furniture, movie soundtrack, clothing line. Is there anything he can’t do well?

Last but certainly not least Kanye West. Say what you want about the man. He is a genius. Besides the music he is an amazing painter, and sneaker designer.

Other than t-shirts, are there any other art related things you’re into?  Painting, photography, sculpting, anything like that?

Yes, yes, and yes. I love checking out art of all kinds. Paintings, photography, sculpting, vinyl toys, video games, cartoons, plays, etc. All art starts the same way. With a thought, a feeling, an experience. It’s the way the artist projects it that turns it into something the rest of us can treasure.

If you had to pick one word to describe Doctor Hazmat, what would it be, and why?

BLAMOOoOOooOOoooOOOooOoo with repeating O’s of course. Because Y is a crooked letter. Seriously though can you believe that Y actually used tax payer money to build a Badminton stadium? I mean we have kids sitting in over crowded classrooms, yet congressman Y spent billions of dollars on a stadium. Unbelievable!

[I’m contacting Webster, we’re getting this word put into the dictionary.]

Looking into the future, do you see yourself still doing Doctor Hazmat(as a brand, not a person, of course) 5-10 years from now? If not, do you have something else in mind?

Absolutely! I have many plans for Doctor Hazmat and it will be around for a very long time. I’d love to still be doing this well into my 300’s. Did I forget to mention that I’m immortal?

Speaking of the future, what kind of stuff do you have planned for your line right now?  Any new shirts coming out?

I do have plans for one more new design this year. As of right now I’m not sure when that will happen so I don’t want to say too much. Besides that I have plans to release

– Contests/Giveaways

– Special Packaging

– Custom Pins

– Custom Stickers

– Pullover Hoodies

– Zip-up Hoodies

– Fitted Hats

– Toys

– More Parodies

Thanks again for the interview!  Any last words?

Dear Pluto and Triceratops,

You will always be known as a planet and dinosaur to me.

Your pal,
Doctor Hazmat

Bryan also wanted to share some photos with you guys, he actually sent me a bunch, but here are just a few of them:

He was serious about the camping. That's dedicated.

More dedication.

With Johnny Cupcakes, the man himself.

Some Doctor Hazmat Tees

Go there, seriously. The website, not the baseball field.


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  1. great interview! hope to see more of these in the feature!

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