Yema Yema Is Cool Cool

Some people say that repetitive names stay in your head longer.  I must agree, Yema Yema is a pretty catchy name for a clothing line, it makes people wonder “What IS this? I must know!“…unless that’s just me, in that case, I am all alone.  Anyways, I’m going to tell you a bit about this line and why I like it so much.  Sound good? Good, you didn’t have much of a choice anyway =)

I don’t know too much about the background of Yema Yema, but one thing I do know is that they have some kick-ass designs!  This is probably my favorite thing in the store:


We Are Robots

First of all, I love these 3/4 sleeve shirts(some call them baseball tees, or raglans, I just call them awesome) but I don’t actually own very many.  That may soon be changing.  Who can turn down robots?  I definitely cannot.


My second favorite design in the Yema store is Creature Connect.  It features a bunch of odd creatures all strung together, some how causing equality or balance in the world.  Hmm..I’ll take that any day if it’ll make people be nice to each other!


Creature Connect

Now, here is something no other t-shirt line is going to show you.  Hand made shoes!  Or rather, hand drawn shoes.  Just pick your size and Yema will draw the artwork on a plain white pair of original Keds.  Beat that!


Yema Shoes

There are two other tees available from Yema Yema, one of which features a Yeti.  But its up to you to find those sweet shirts, since you are going to visit the store anyway 😉


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