Johnsaurus New Line

(Use the code TEESPOTTERR00LZ for 15% off – expires on November 14th!)

This is a relatively new brand so I’d like to give a little shout out to them.  Johnsaurus just came out with a new line featuring a new dino tee and a belt.

The tee, titled Frank the Tank, is a huge front print of a dinosaur on top of a tank.  Kinda cool.  $20 is a bit much for a preshrunk Anvil tee, especially from such a new brand, but hey, who am I to judge?  There are brands out there charging way more than that.  (Edit – John has just lowered the price of this tees as of earlier this afternoon, they are only $18 now)


Frank The Tank

The belt, made by Miles To Go, will last you literally forever.  I have a few belts made by Greg and I love them.  The design on this one fits pretty well.  These are going for $15.


Johnsaurus Belt

There you have it, the new Johnsarus line.  As always, spread the word about the brands that I spot by telling people about this post!


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