KTB Brand – Started By A K-Town Boy!

Normally I would describe brands to you in my own words, but in this case, the owners words sound lots better, so, – KTB Brand is a clothing line that started out in Koreatown (K-Town) located in Los Angeles, California by a hard-working, ambitious K-Town Boy. KTB Brand is all about having fun and keeping it not-so-serious.” I think it’s really important to have fun and to smile and KTB seems to be trying to make that happen.

Panda Loc

I love this panda!  But who wouldn’t love a gangsta panda on their tee?  This is coming from the girl wearing a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles shirt right now though.  KTB Brand’s tees are going for $10-20 but you can get free shipping with the code..er..freeshipping.  That is a pretty good deal!


Classic Crossbones

As far as logo tees go, I’m not always a big fan, but I do dig the KTB Brand logo.  This tee also comes in black with a white print.  It seems as though a lot of their shirts are selling out, but this may be due to him donating a quarter of his stock to charity!  That is pretty gracious and kind, I can’t imagine how much money was lost with that but it’s nice to see that there are still people in this world willing to give for others.

One last thing, may I add that I love their custom printed tags?

You guys know the drill, spread the word about what I spot by telling everyone about this post!  I’m trying to help these brands in getting noticed so every person you tell is helping the brand.  Word of mouth is the best tool.  Now go buy some KTB Brand shirts.


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  1. i can completely say i am both satisfied with all the tees from KTB as well as impressed , last november i bought 3 tees from KTB ,panda loc ,shocker ,and a classic crossbones, all of these tees look great and held up real well, i worn and washed the shocker tee 10 complete wash/dry cycles ,no issues with it at all ,the printing is good as new,no cracking or peeling,no fading,not even a issue with this tee, the neck held up great ,no sagging ,streching or fraying.,sleeves are great,no pulling or sagging ,all the stiching staid intact,not one loose or pulled stitch on this shirt.,i am very impressed ,i just ordered 4 more shirts from them including another shocker to compare it with, my friend wants it so i will give it to him in korea : )X KTB shirts may be a little heavy ,but they are not scratchy or fall apart like some other tees i tried,i will be back here often as they release more dope designs.

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