Pulse Clothing Co. – That Edgy Look

I actually meant to write about Pulse Clothing Co. a while ago and I am very sorry for the long wait on this, things tend to slip my mind.  I hope I’m not getting old =\  But here we go, Pulse Clothing Co…

I found these guys on Storenvy and originally I was attracted to them because of this hoodie, which is featured in my Big Long List of Hoodies.  I really like the design and I dig how it goes on to the back of the hoodie with the heart rate meter type line.  Sorry, I’m not so great with technical terms, heh.

This is a pretty new brand so they don’t have much but I actually talked with the owner for a few days because he asked me for advice on some things, and I can tell that this brand is going to do nothing but grow, and I’m excited to see what they come up with next.  This logo tee is is the base of the line right now, it comes in black or white and is priced pretty well at $12.95.  Great deal for a nice tee like this one.

Are the designs really simple, yes.  Is the storefront even more simple, yes.  Do I think this brand has potential to grow and become something more, most definitely, yes.  I wouldn’t post about this brand if I didn’t think they would be able to provide everyone with something awesome.  I honestly think they deserve a chance, no matter how simple.  Not every brand has to be covered in gore filled all over prints you know.

Lesson learned.  Go buy some shirts from Pulse Clothing Co. =)


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