Ugmonk – Typography With Numbers!

(Use the discount code TEESPOTTER for 10% off of your order!)

So, you have typography, and that’s cool and all but sometimes it can feel like you need something more, something different.  Add numbers in to the whole deal and you really have something.  Ugmonk is using this method to make some typography tees that will make you have to pull out a pen and paper.  Not really, but maybe some day.

First of I want to say that I love the Ugmonk website, very clean, very easy to get around.  That’s always a major plus, you can lose customers really fast if they can’t find their way around your site.  They are also fellow Pennsylvanians being from Philly.  So what if its the other side of the state, it still counts!

I love so many of their shirts that I could sit here and show them all to you, but I won’t.  Here are a few of my favorites, since I have to decide =\

I know this one doesn’t contain a number, but I love it.  So you have to see it =)  It’s titled “And Then I Woke Up”  It also comes on a gray shirt.  According to the description it has something to do with dreams, and how they always get to the best part and then you wake up. Awesome.


And Then I Woke Up

And Then I Woke Up

Here is one featuring a huge number, two plus three equals what?  FIVE!  Math never seemed so simple.  this shirt titled Math Problem is also available on a charcoal shirt.


Math Problem

The last one I want to show you doesn’t have anything to do with numbers either, but you can find the rest of those on your own by looking through the store, right?  Yes, you can.  Anyway, this one is called Path To Nowhere and reflects on how sometimes in life you just can’t get to where you want to go.  Path To Nowhere comes on both red or teal shirts.


Path To Nowhere

Ugmonk offers a nice selection of hoodies, one of which I featured on the Big Long List of Hoodies.  Other plus factors to this brand are, the custom woven tags sewn on to the bottom hem of the shirts, that always adds a nice touch to the shirt.  They offer gift certificates, this is only the second brand I’ve ever found who does this.  Ugmonk prints on nothing but American Apparel shirts, so no crappy blanks are hanging around here.  And the best part, at least to me, is that they offer womens cuts!  No having to size down here!

I don’t know about you but I’m pretty happy I came across this brand.  I think you guys should go take a look at the other t-shirts that Ugmonk has to offer! (Use the discount code TEESPOTTER for 10% off of your order!) And may I add that Ugmonk is really fun to type?

Always, always always, spread the word on what I spot by telling your friends about this post.  Tweet it Facebook it, whatever, tell people!

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