New Stuff From Othello Industries!

You probably remember Othello Industries who I wrote about not too long ago, if not then check out the article right here.  Here is the exciting part, they have new stuff!  Here are a few of my favorite new editions:

Baseball Tee

I love these baseball tees, and this one is even more awesome than it appears.  This design is printed on a tri-blend American Apparel tee.  So your looking at a super soft and comfortable shirt.  These are going for $25 including shipping to the US, that’s awesome!

Family Crest

I have a new favorite Othello design!  This one is awesome, it’s called Family Crest and is printed on American Apparel.  This one is yours for $17.00 including shipping to the US.  How about them apples!

In addition to this they’ve also added two new colorways to their original logo tee, including raspberry and army as well as another tee with a big ole octopus on it.  And there you have it, the new Othello Industries line!  I might have to pick something up to write a review on =)


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