Closd Clothing – New Brand From Italy

It’s always cool finding brands from other countries, and recently I was contacted by Closd Clothing who is based out of Italy.  But don’t ever let that turn you off from taking a look at this(or any) brand, because sometimes looking outside the box can be pretty effing rewarding.

Closd Clothing was started in 2009 and is all about being yourself and having fun doing it.  I like this quote from the about page:

“We are the friends that you can joke, skate, surf and play music with; the friends that challenges the routine and breaks the rules; the friends who provokes thought and dares you to explore empty spaces and think outside of the box. We propose an independent lifestyle with a focus on the streets, we’re the best at being us, so why try for anything different?”

Still being a relatively new brand, they are learning day by day.  But that hasn’t stopped them from cranking out some awesome shirt designs, take a look:

Go! Sailor

This is my favorite design on the Closd Clothing store, I love the way it’s laid out and it’s just an all over good shirt design.  This design, and all of their designs, are limited edition, so don’t wait around if you want this shirt.  I think Mike told me they are limited to 90 copies and they appear to be going pretty quickly.

Aside from their nothing less than promising shirt designs, they also carry some really sweet beanie style hats.  It’s starting to get colder outside so I thought I’d give you all the heads up about these(you see what I did there, heads, hats?).  Don’t listen to me, here is a picture:


I think Closd Clothing has way more to offer than most other brand new clothing lines out there.  I may also add that they did a pretty swell job editing their Big Cartel store.  What do you guys think? Leave comments! You guys never leave comments.  Makes me sad =(


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