Vampire Fur Review

Time for part two of this two day long feature of Vampire Fur!  Thursday I did a really awesome interview with Matt and I think it’s really worth the read, very inspiring.  You can take a look a that here if you missed it.  Today I’ll be reviewing a shirt that Matt has so kindly sent to me, I’m really excited to see it.  I actually just now got it in the mail so I haven’t even opened it yet.  Lets get down to it!

Vampire Fur uses MerchNOW for their store service, which means Matt doesn’t actually ship the order out himself, so for this review I’ll leave out the packaging part since it’s just a plain mailer and he doesn’t have much control over this.  One of the reason I’m not too fond of MerchNOW.  Some people love it, I am not one of those people.  But anyways, here is the shirt:


Matt was kind enough to let me pick which shirt I would like to review, this design(Illumination) really struck me, because it’s something that I’ve actually believed for quite some time.  This is the first American Apparel Tri-Blend I’ve ever owned and to be honest I didn’t know what all the hype was about until just now.  It’s so effing soft!  It’s thin, but still feels super durable.  Good stuff.  As far as the print goes, its great!  I’ve felt softer but I’m sure the ever so slight feel of the ink will be gone after one wash.  I’m impressed, very well printed.  Can’t wait to wear it =)

There were some extras included in the package as well!  Attached to the shirt tag was a pin button, I love these!  I have my Pittsburgh Terrible Towel hanging on my door that’s covered in them.  (No Pittsburgh hate, it’s awesome here!)  There were also several flyers for other bands/clothing lines.  I know this is the work of MerchNOW but I don’t think that’s so fair to Vampire Fur or the other brands they do this to.  It’s like, hey here’s your shirt, now look at these other brands!  Diverting their minds away from what they were originally interested in.  But meh, I guess business is business.

All in all, I can’t find any flaws with this brand, everything is awesome.  The prices are right, the quality is amazing, the message that’s being sent is basically jaw dropping.  I will most definitely be following Vampire Fur for as long as it is around.  Great job Matt!


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  1. Absolutely love this clothing line.. i have bought many Vampire Fur shirts already.. this guy is amazing and very creative.. love the designs…super talented!!! Thanks for posting this interview..very inspiring!

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