Death Shred – Brand From Belgium!

(Take 10% off of your order for this week only with the discount code TEESPOT)

Apparently I have a knack for finding brands from other countries, but I’m finding more and more brands that I love from outside the US.  Death Shred is a brand based around skateboarding and street wear.  They used to be called Dead Serious but they changed their name after finding out that there was another dude running his business under that name.  No legal actions were made, they changed their name to avoid this.  Smart move I’d say.

But lets get on with it.  I love the Death Shred website, it’s easy to look at but it’s still pretty interesting and eye catching.  It’s easy to view all of their products at once and it’s not slow in the least bit.  Can’t expect much less, it was done by The Black Axe, get designers over there.  As for shirt designs, here are a few of my favorites:


Typo Stripes

This one is actually almost sold out, but I couldn’t leave it out because I love it so much.  It does include their old brand name but the design is really cool, you have to admit.


This Is Our Time
This Is Our Time

I’ve been finding a lot of type based designs that I like recently.  This is most definitely one of them.  Printed on a tri-blend tee.  This Is Our Time also comes on a hoodie.

Death Shred has fitted hats! These are becoming more and more popular in indie clothing stores.  I don’t personally wear them but I think they look good on some people, I’m just not one of them.  I do enjoy seeing well designed ones though, this one is just that.

Nerdy Skull

Fun fact – Death Shred has their products in retail & online stores in six countries including Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, France, Germany and the Netherlands.  That is pretty far spread!  Props to them.

There are tons of other awesome products to look at in the Death Shred store and I think that you guys should go do that, and then leave comments with your thoughts on it here.  Lets make this a habit!

(Take 10% off of your order for this week only with the discount code TEESPOT)


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