Typo Apparel – Wordy Tees

Typography tees are something I haven’t really looked much into but lately I’ve tried to find some brands that have type tees that stand out.  This is find number one.  I have a few others but I’ll share them with you later.  We don’t wanna have to read TOO much, now do we?  With my using way too many words and this being a typography post and all.  Whew!

Anyway I want to show you a brand called Typo Apparel.  Not only are they a typography based brand but they’re doing all of this for a good cause, this is always a plus.  As stated on their about page, obviously they aren’t the only brand out there donating money back to charities, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t millions of people out there who need help.  Great point.

My favorite tee on their website is probably their “OK” shirt.  It reads “Everything will be OK” and though very simple, I find it very meaningful and something that more people should believe.  Ew, gross, why am I being all mushy?  But, yea, check it out:

Another thing I like about this tee is that its printed on an American Apparel 50/50 tee.  These shirts are so soft, love them!  And $16 is a great price for such a nice quality shirt.

I urge you to look into Typo Apparel, if you don’t buy something, at least give them a chance and look at what they have to offer.  The idea is definitely a good one.


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