Loyal K.N.G. – Knowledge Never Goes

When I first came across Loyal K.N.G. I didn’t really know what they were about, but recently I looked more into them and after reading their about page and a bit more about them, I decided their purpose is most definitely article worthy.  They are based on, you guessed it, loyalty, and sticking together.  They also believe in knowledge, to quote them:

“The bottom-line is that what we learn and gain in this life shall always be obscured through time… but Knowledge, the art of understanding, shall never go.”

If you didn’t catch that, the K.N.G. stands for Knowledge Never Goes.  There is a pretty strong statement here which is why I want to introduce you guys and see if we can help Loyal K.N.G. expand their crew by a few.  Sweet rhyme, haha.  Lets take a look at some t-shirts, why don’t we?


Atama Logo Front
Atama Logo Back

I really dig their Atama Logo tees, the logo is simple but does its job, but what I really like is the text on the back, it’s basically everything Loyal K.N.G. is about in one sentence.  This tee comes in quite a few colors, three of them are shown above, the others are purple and black in womens sizes.  That is always a plus factor for me, being a girl and all =)


Got Brain?

I featured this design in my Big Long List of Purple Tees a while back, but I wanted to feature it again in case anyone missed it.  I am a huge anamaniacs fan and Brain is just awesome, and plus it fits right in with their brand.  $20 gets you this classic cartoon tee.

Some more plus factors I would like to mention with Loyal K.N.G. is that they print on American Apparel, they have custom screen printed neck tags, and first and foremost, since mid October they have been donating 50% of their profits to people who are in need of fresh water and they will continue to do this until the end of 2010.  I’m always amazed when clothing lines do this because it shows that they actually care about the world they live in, which is something that a lot of people don’t seem to do.

There is no better time to pick up a tee from Loyal K.N.G. right now, you could help someone who is in need and on top of that you’ll be getting a high quality t-shirt to help support a clothing line with a great message to send.

As always, spread what I spot by telling your friends about this post.  A simple tweet could help them out.

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