Cherry Sauce Lowered Some Prices

Cherry Sauce has lowered the prices on some of their older merch to $10-18! That’s a great price for American Apparel tees printed with crazy designs like theirs.  Here’s a few of the shirts you can find for this price:










I love this tee, its really fun and bright.  Plus, who doesn’t love a platypus?  Printed on American Apparel.  These are going for only $18. I might have to grab one for myself. =)








T-Rex In Tokyo

T-Rex In Tokyo







If you’re into dinosaurs you should love this one!  T-Rex is taking over Tokyo in this awesome 3 color print.  $15 gets you this tee.  But there are only small, medium and large left so don’t waste time!








I’ve always been a fan of Cherry Sauce, but I don’t actually own one of their shirts yet, maybe that will change soon!  Look forward to a review =)  Now go pick up a brand spanking new shirt!


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