Please Disperse Review

I’m back with another clothing line review, this time I have two shirts from a line called Please Disperse.  This place is much different from what I would normally write about but I like to give everyone a chance.  With that said I’d like to remind everyone that what I say in these reviews is nothing more than my personal opinion.  Yes, I do point out the bad things with every line, but I also point out all of the good things.

Now lets get on with it.  Please Disperse sent me two shirts, as stated above.  One of which is blue and reads “Baltimore, never leave home with out it…” around the silhouette of a gun.  A joke that probably many natives to Baltimore laugh at when they see. This tee isn’t one I would necessarily wear but I can see why others would.

As for the print goes, its not terrible, but its not the best either.  It doesn’t crack or anything when you pull on it and its not  laid on super thick either.  I’ve definitely seen worse, I guess for the target market of this brand the print is probably perfect, this crowd isn’t much into the fashion tees and such, which is fine.  Please Disperse prints on Gildan Heavy Cotton tees, they are decently soft, and a good weight.  All around so-so shirt as long as you aren’t looking for something that’s fitted like American Apparel.

The second tee they sent me features a pink sugar skull that’s shaped like rabbit.  Interesting enough design, but it could stand to be much larger on the shirt and printed lower.  Only 25 of these have been printed and I have the first ever!  The shirt is tagged with a hand written label that states the design and what number it is in the run.

There were quite a few extras in with these shirts, a few sketches of random things.  I’ve been informed that he throws a sketch in with every order, so you get a nice original piece of art with your order.  He also told me that he draws each envelope that he ships in by hand so the packaging will also be nice and fresh. You definitely get some nice surprises along with your purchase at Please Disperse.

Over all, Please Disperse is doing okay for a new brand, they could stand some improvements, but every brand could.  Their shirts are going for $12 which is a pretty good price for these.  Also for the month of November you can buy one get one for free! So that’s TWO tees for 12.  Not bad =)

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