Muzed Wear – November Shirt Launch Winner!

I actually intended on writing about Muzed Wear two weeks ago but now I’m glad I waited.  These new comers to the t-shirt world killed it this month on Shirt Launch!  They won themselves $200 in free printing from Threadbird too.  Speaking of, if any of you out there are looking for a screen printer, Threadbird will never disappoint you, the quality is amazing.

On to the brand.  These guys are still in high school but they’re doing an awesome job starting out this brand.  Muzed Wear is going for a fashion based skate/snowboard style and so far they are spot on, have a look:

Muzed Cool Panda

Muzed Cool Panda

This is my favorite tee from Muzed Wear, maybe I’m just attracted to pandas, but I think he’s looking pretty good in his shutter shades!  $19.95 for this bad boy(or well, the shirt, not the boy).  Printed on a Gildan shirt.

Muzed Wear is working on their winter line, some of the items are up for pre-sale now.  Everything looks pretty promising, I advise you take a look right here.  I’m looking forward to that purple tee!  Random thought – their website is looking pretty good!

If you were wondering what in the word “muzed” means, well, take it from the creators themselves(who took it from Urban Dictionary ;-))

muzed – Stoned on music. Can also be described as a lasting eargasm. Only used for good music.”

I really like what Muzed Wear has going.  Keep an eye out on Shirt Launch for their interview and feature on the front page!

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