Loyal K.N.G. Review

If you all remember, I wrote about Loyal K.N.G. not too long ago, and they offered to send a shirt for me to review, so here is the review =)  If you missed out or want to freshen up on the feature I wrote about them you can find it here.

They sent me a blue Atama Logo tee.  But before I get to that I want to point out their packaging.  Inside of a normal post office mailer is a custom printed ziploc bag that they put the shirt inside of.  This is a great touch and keeps the shirt nice and clean/dry.  The bag isn’t cheap either, it feels thicker than a normal ziploc.


Loyal K.N.G. prints on American Apparel so I expected nothing less than an awesome t-shirt.  On top of that, this is my favorite color of American Apparel shirts, such a bright and fun color.  Its called teal if any of you clothing lines were wondering.

The print on this shirt is super soft, this design has 4 colors so I half thought it would feel kind of thick, I was wrong.  Sure, you can feel the ink on the shirt, but it’s nothing that will bother you and I’m sure after a wash or two it’ll soften up even more.

This is just an overall really nice shirt.  I’m happy to have it.

There are lots of plus factors with this shirt that I’d like to point out.  The first one being the custom printed neck label that replaces the standard American Apparel woven tag.  This makes the shirt look more professional, plus there’s no tag to rub against your neck and irritate you(everyone hates scratchy tags, and you know it).  Also, if you can’t read it, the label reads “Make Trouble Not War”, same as the logo on the ziploc.

The other thing I like is their logo print on the back of the shirt under the collar.  This may not be needed on a logo tee like this one, but it’s a great addition to a tee that doesn’t already have your logo or brand name in it.  Looks awesome though.

There is one more plus factor, my favorite by far.  Hand written notes/sketches!  This adds a whole personal touch to your shirt order and makes you feel special.  It’s really nice to get a little something extra that you weren’t expecting when you order a tee.  The note came with two little buttons that I’ve added to my Pittsburgh Terrible Towel.  I should take a picture of that thing soon and update when I get new pins.

Anyway, if this wasn’t enough to convince you to check out Loyal K.N.G. then I don’t know what else to tell you, but you’re missing out on some seriously awesome merch.  This brand goes 250% and I can see them getting very far with their tees.

PS- Don’t you guys just LOVE my kitchen floor?! Haha.

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