Brains & Beauty!

I don’t know too much background on this brand, where they’re from, or what their mission is, but I really like the designs and the name Brains & Beauty.  Very simple but still effective.  They have 3 designs that cover 6 t-shirts and 2 hoodies.  My personal favorite is their B&B Logo tee on black:

B&B Logo

B&B Logo

I also added one of their hoodies with their crossbones logo to The Big Long List of Hoodies.  The gold foil print really looks good with the design and I’m not usually one to say that, I’m not a huge fan of foil unless it’s used properly.  Brains & Beauty prints on American Apparel, so they aren’t going cheap for this new line.

So far everything looks really promising and I hope to see Brains & Beauty go really far in the t-shirt world.  I’m hoping to pick up one of these tees to write a review soon.  What are your thoughts on this brand?  Leave a comment!

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