Perception Apparel Review

Perception Apparel contacted me not too long ago and they wanted me to review one of their tees, I gladly accepted.  They sent me Firing Squad, which is their most colorful tee and my 2nd favorite from their collection.  Just having released yesterday I’m probably the first person to write about them(No copy cats! Find your own awesome brand to write about haha), so here goes:

Firing SquadFirst of all, I apologize for the bad picture, my camera isn’t the best in the world.  But, you can get a pretty good idea from it so I guess it’s okay.  Deal with it 😉

Perception Apparel prints on American Apparel, I find myself saying this more and more despite the rumors of AA going belly up(that reminds me of a funny story about my friends fish, but just never mind that haha).  Crossing my fingers though, I love AA I don’t want to see them go.  Anyway, the design has quite a few colors, but the print is pretty soft and you can’t feel much of it, it cracks a bit when you pull on it but nothing that will ruin the shirt or the print.  All of the lines are very clean and neat.  A+ for printing, I’m impressed.

This is a very new brand and this is their first line, so I understand why they don’t have custom printed tags or custom tags sewn into the hems.  It’s better for them to make their mark and then move onto these things in the future.  Some people say first impressions are everything and that you should go all out with your first line and this just isn’t the case, as I learned from my own clothing line.  If it isn’t in your budget then just don’t do it, you can always work towards it in the future.

Over all, Perception is doing an awesome job, they have a decent sized first line of 5 shirts with a nice selection of designs.  I would add that they don’t all mesh together like they normally would but this may be on purpose considering their about page states they are trying to make shirts for a wide range of people.  They seem to have done a great deal of homework before they released because there’s nothing bad to point out.  Their website is nice and clean and easy to get around on, which is always a big plus when it comes to shopping.  I see no reason why you guys shouldn’t go give yourself your own little tour around the Perception Apparel store and pick up a tee or two.(Which are priced quite nicely at a $19.99 a piece)

I forgot to mention, this brand is all about perception, and how we see the world around us.  How do you see the world? Leave a comment, I’d love to read what you guys have to say =)

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