BigEye-O Review

“BigEye-O is a celebration of celebrity and that little bit of voyeur in all of us. Today is about the merriment of self, the me or I factor. The baddest and best, the looks, moves and ability that make one stand out from the rest. We push ourselves in pursuit of fame and fortune that make us all independently special. We follow each other through various social networks, videos, events, concerts, reality TV, the streets and the games we play. As much as we want to see, we want to be seen. BigEye-O is a fun and playful apparel line that makes a statement of how aware we are of our own greatness while clearly keeping an eye on each other. I see you; see me, through my eyes.”

It’s not everyday that you get treated this well when you order a tee but I will say that it was a very nice surprise.  Today I’m reviewing BigEye-O and their Creeper tee.  The packaging that they use is a perfect example of what branding really IS.  The poly mailer has a huge custom sticker with the address label included, it’s bright and eye catching.  It looked better than everything else in my mail box =\ haha.  Inside the poly mailer was a clear bag with my new tee neatly wrapped up in lime green tissue paper, with a little sticker for closure.  This is just amazing, they found a way to put more branding into their packaging than any other brand I’ve ever seen.  I’m really impressed.


The shirt itself is also of great quality and is nicely branded.  I can’t tell what kind of shirt it’s printed on but it feels a bit thick to be American Apparel or something similar.  Maybe Alstyle?  I don’t know, but its nice, not quite as soft as some others but it doesn’t feel uncomfortable or anything either.  The print is nice, its not thick or rough.  If you can’t tell from the picture, the print is actually on the back of the shirt.  I would prefer it to be on the front but I understand why it isn’t, considering the design and it’s meaning.


As far as branding on the shirt go, its there but its not all up in your face, which is good.  They have screen printed tags which are always a plus factor for me, as well as a small logo printed on the sleeve.  And also they have really neat hang tags attached that tell you what design you got and a little bit of info about the company.  It’s a really nice touch and a great way to educate people about what your brand is really about.


Tag 2

I almost forgot, there was a nice little bag tucked inside of my t-shirt which contained quite a few stickers that I was not expecting along with a flyer explaining what they are trying to do to spread the word about BigEye-O.  The card just says they want people to take pictures of themselves in this new awesome tee and send it in so they can see where they’re shirts are going and post them on their blog for people to see.  That’s a clever way to get customers involved, props to that idea.


All around, BigEye-O is awesome, I’m excited to see what they do in the future and how they grow and evolve.  Be sure to hype them on Shirt Launch this month and as always, spread what I spot by sharing this post!

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