Branded Baron Review


Today’s review is on Branded Baron, I’ve had my eye on them for a while now but never got around to writing something.  Now I have a review for you!  If you aren’t familiar with Branded Baron then you should know they are about “dressing no less than stunningly fresh” by making designs that make the people wearing their shirts stand out.  They make shirts for YOU, for anyone, and everyone.  Now that you know a bit about them, lets take a look at one of their tees.



I received the Red Baron tee, I don’t have very many red shirts but I look awesome in them so I’m happy to have it.  I hope it makes me look stunningly fresh!  Anyway, this shirt is super soft and fits great.  It’s shorter than other shirts but not to the point where it would bother me.  The print is nice and soft and not overly thick or bothersome.  Overall this shirt is really comfortable.

There’s a few plus factors with Branded Baron tees that make them special, we’ll talk about those now, be excited!



Hang Tag


Hang tags are a nice way to put a cherry on top of an already great t-shirt.  This one just so happens to be a pretty nice quality die cut sticker.  That adds a nice touch to something that most people would otherwise just throw away.  I don’t throw hang tags away, but I also keep glass bottles so maybe I just have a problem.  You’ll see me on hoarders sometime soon, compulsive t-shirt and hang tag collecting.


Neck Tag


I’ve said this about 2 million times but I love screen printed tags, they aren’t scratchy and this way I’ll never forget where I got this shirt from so when I want to go back and buy another one I know where to go.  Plus, it just looks awesome.  There is a bit leftover from the original tag but this happens a lot with tag removal, nothing is perfect in this world.


ExtrasI think everyone’s favorite part of ordering shirts is the free stuff that sometimes comes with them.  In this case I got a poster which I love and will be framing to put on my wall.  I also got some business cards with a discount code on the back, some stickers, and a hand written note thanking me for being the most awesome person EVER.  I swear that’s really what it said.  Don’t I wish.

But seriously, Branded Baron is doing everything right, they have a fun message and misson and they seem to really care about their customers.  They have a nice quality product and don’t cut corners by going cheap.  I say go for it and buy a tee or ten from them and see for yourself.

Leave me comments! I wanna know what you think of Branded Baron and my review, also if you’ve ordered a Branded Baron tee, tell me your experience!  Peace and love!

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