faceOFfame Review

Happy Monday everyone! I hope I can brighten your day with a review of this lovely clothing line called faceOFfame.  They bring a riot with them everywhere they go because they never back down and always stand up for what they believe.  They have battle scars and they love to show them off because it’s proof that they actually fought for something, stood up for themselves.  The faceOFfame t-shirts reflect that perfectly, and here they are:

The shirts came neatly folded in individual ziploc bags and one had a friendly note on it which is always nice touch.  They also ship with UPS which is great because then I don’t have to worry about my stuff getting lost in the mail.

The first shirt is a v-neck womens shirt.  I think these are all printed on Gildan shirts but I’m not 100% sure.  This shirt is really baggy for a women’s shirt and not really fitted at all, keep that in mind ladies if you plan on ordering.  Other than that the shirt is nice and soft and the print feels nice.  No complaints here.  There is also a print of the faceOFfame logo on the back.  I have a picture of that below.

Flaunt Your Stitches

The next shirt is called Flaunt Your Stitches, this is one of my favorite shirts from this faceOFfame because it reflects their brand so well.  It has a custom printed tag with a neat little saying on it that is shown below.  I will add though that it’s kind of illegal to do what they’re doing with their tags.  By law you have to have these things on every garment – material, country of origin, care instructions and an RN #.  Just something to keep in mind, do your homework before you jump into this stuff guys 😉

But anyway the shirt fits okay, not the best but definitely not terrible either.  The print is kinda rough and shiny but I’ve seen worse.  Overall its a pretty nice tee for only $14.99.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fans(like me!) will love this shirt.  They did a nice twist of the classic cartoons logo and used it to their advantage.  Very nice work, it suits the brand well.  It seems like all of their shirts have a lot of thought put into them.


This one is called hardworkingart and it’s not my favorite shirt of theirs but I can appreciate the theme of it.  Again you see their mission to stick up for what you believe with another riot mention.  This shirt also has the logo print on the back.

Printed Tag

Here is a picture of the printed tag on the inside of the shirt.  It’s really clever I like it a lot but like I said before the other info needs to be there as well.  The size of the shirt isn’t even here.

back print

This logo is on the back of most faceOFfame shirts.  I like the way this looks plus it does a great job of spreading the clothing lines name around.


I got quite a few extras with these shirts, my favorite one being the little booklet which describes the clothing line really well and shows off the designs.  Maybe I’ll be giving one of these away soon, I have a bunch of stuff sitting around that I’ve gotten from clothing lines and I’d like to give it away and spread the word about the brands.  Thoughts?

Anyway, I also got some Ninja Turtles cards, these are great! Really brings back memories haha.  The other two things included were a pin and a little action figure.  It’s nice to see a brand giving away something other than a sticker with their shirts.
That’s just about all I have to show you.  I hope you like what faceOFfame is doing as much as I do.  You can find them on Tumblr too!  Leave a comment below to share your thoughts, and spread what I spot by sharing this post!  I hope you all had a great weekend and I’ll be back tomorrow.

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