Civilian Clothing Review

I’m back with another review for you guys.  Today I have a shirt from Civilian Clothing which started as a fun project for high school kids as they wheat pasted posters all over town and eventually people wanted to start buying the posters and they wanted the designs to be made into t-shirts.  Turns out they got their wishes, and thus began Civilian Clothing.  David started screen printing the shirts himself, selling them out of his truck and taking them to parties with him.  Basically spreading the word any way he could.  2009 rolled around, David finished art school, and he started what you see today, a nicely managed clothing line with a serious history.

Now they plan on moving forward, they have new shirts coming soon including some for the ladies.  Their designs come from everywhere around you, the news, current events, everywhere.  So don’t expect just another anti government clothing line, there’s more to it than that.  Lets take a look at the shirt they sent me:




This shirt is called OG Mask and comes in two colors, this grey one and also army green.  The print is super soft, doesn’t crack when you pull on it, and seems like it’ll hold up for a really long time.  The shirt itself is pretty soft, David told me it was ring spun so that’s always good.  Over all its a really nice shirt, the quality is definitely there.  It fits well, pretty similar to your usual Gildan shirt.



Neck Label


There’s a very nicely done screen printed neck label on this shirt which also has a very soft print that you can barely even feel.  I’ve said it a thousand times but Ill make it a thousand and one, I love these, woven labels are uncomfortable and this is just a really good way to brand your shirts.  Make sure people know where to go when they want more.


Back Print




Civilian shirts also have a back print with their logo, same super soft print.  Just another way to pimp out your brand name.  Sometimes people don’t see the front of your shirt!

All in all, I think Civilian is doing an awesome job here, their shirts are great quality and you can tell the brand is based on passion.  I say give them a try and see for yourself!  Leave comments below, what do you think of this brand?!





Oh yea, I almost forgot!  Here’s all the extras that came with this shirt, everything was also was wrapped nicely in a clear poly bag.  Even more reasons to order from Civilian Clothing!


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