New Tees From Wolves vs. Lions

Don of the Jungle

Don of the Jungle

Wolves vs. Lions has a new tee out and since it is their 6th tee, they’re offering 10% off with the discount code, SESTO, which means sixth in Italian, neat!  The new design is called Don of the Jungle and comes in both men’s and women’s cuts.  It’s yours for only $18!

On top of that gnarly news they also have a brand spanking new website that looks pretty sexy and they’ve also switched to the steadily growing more popular Storenvy store service which requires no PayPal account or signing up for anything.

Want to get more familiar with Wolves vs. Lions?  I wrote a post about them before that has a ton more info on the brand and such, have a read!  After that, leave a comment with your thoughts on the new design!

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