RISE Designs – Earth Friendly Apparel

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RISE is a design and clothing company inspired by nature and our surrounding environment, they focus on having a low impact on the environment.  This seems to be a growing more widely popular thing to do with clothing lines, which is a good thing!  I think its great to be as earth friendly as possible.  RISE has quite a few nature inspired designs and these are some of my favorites:


Natures Rhythm
Natures Rhythm

This is called Natures Rhythem and is printed on 100% organic cotton, just one of the ways that RISE is trying to stay earth friendly.  There is also a natural tee with green ink version of this shirt which is looking pretty neat if I do say so myself.


Stereo Sound
Stereo Sound

Stereo Sound is one of the $12 tees that RISE has on sale here.  These are still printed on high quality organic cotton, no worries!  They’re just a way better deal for you, and I suggest you take it!

This is just a small taste of what RISE has to offer, they have a whole line of womens tees, hoodies(which I will add to the Big Long List of Hoodies), and even a few bamboo tees.  There’s something for everyone at RISE Designs so I think you should at least take a few clicks through their store and see what they have. Leave a comment below telling me what you think! I like opinions!

[Take 15% off of your order with the discount code teespotter]

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