Miles To Go Review 2.0

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MTG Logo
I’ve reviewed Miles To Go before, but this was quite some time ago and I figured I’d show you guys something more fresh from this awesome line.  Lots of things have been changing, including a new logo and a bunch of new tees.  This new tee(an American Apparel Tri-Blend) features the new MTG logo:

MTG Logo Tee
Not a fan of heather grey?  Well, have a look at the tri-coffee colorway!  But anyway, on to the review…

MTG had a 40% off flash sale so I took advantage like I always do with these sales and I grabbed Atlas Shrugged, the 8 color version.  With that many colors I kind of expected the print to be thick or rough feeling, but, I was proven wrong when I opened this baby up.  The print is not only smooth but you can barely feel how many colors are stacked up here.  I’m sure after a few washes it will soften up even more too. Atlas Shrugged is printed on an American Apparel blank so as far as fit and feel go, it’s pretty decent.

Miles To Go shirts come fixed with a custom woven tag in the neck that looks really pro, I find it a bit scratchy but that’s just the melted edges of the woven material.

MTG tees also come shipped in a custom mailer so you’re greeted by this lovely dude right out of the mail box:

MTG Packaging

I also got some book marks, a sticker, and a 20% off discount code with my order.  OH! Speaking of discount codes, Greg wanted me to pass on a discount code to all of you lovely people.  Use the code TEESPOTTER for 20% off of your Miles To Go purchase!

Do you have a Miles To Go tee?  What do you think of it? Leave a comment below!

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  1. I like the first shirt & nice blog yo got here.

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