New Johnsaurus Tee!

Just when you think you’ve seen everything, here comes along Johnsaurus with some crazy dinosaur t-shirts.  Each shirt in this line is sent along with a little fact about the prehistoric animal featured in the design.  Yea, I’ve written about them before, but they have some new stuff out now and I want to share it with you!


Mastadon Baseball Club
Mastadon Baseball Club

I really want one of these, and for just $20, I might even pick one up!  I think the one color design looks really sharp with just black and white.  According to the product description each size has a different dino fact printed inside the t-shirt, kinda makes you wish you wore all of the sizes huh? haha These baseball tees are unisex so they’re good for the guys and the ladies alike.

On top of that I believe they have restocked their belts which look really awesome. I’ve featured them before so i wont bore you with a replay on that.  What are your thoughts on this new tee from Johnsaurus? Would you buy it? COMMENTS!  And, as I always wish you would, spread what I spot by sharing this post!

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