Beau Clothing Review

Beau Clothing, pronounced “Be You”, is a refreshing clothing line, atleast in my opinion.  Their website is original and well done and reflects their brand image perfectly.  The brand is all about, you guessed it, being you, and also being beautiful which if you ask me, is the same thing 😉  They didn’t skimp on quality either, take a look at this:

Beau Tee



Beau prints on American Apparel, and this shirt so happens to be a 50/50 blend that’s SUPER soft and comfortable.  Its a good bit thinner than your typical AA tee and also fits slimmer, but the polyester in them gives it a enough stretch that it still fits perfect.

The print on this is excellent, not thick or uncomfortable at all, you can see it through the inside of the shirt, but that’s probably due to how thin this blank is.  No biggie.



Beau Tee 2Beau tees feature a custom printed tag on the inside w/ a logo and the size but no care instructions or country of origin anything, not even fabric content.  Note to all of you clothing lines out there, you NEED this info if you’re going to replace the tags in your shirts, it’s the law and it may not seem like a big deal but I don’t want to see you guys go down if/when you get caught.  I love the tee either way, I just want to make that known =)

As you can see, I got a sticker along with my shirt which is always a nice extra.  The t-shirt was wrapped up nice and neat inside of some matching tissue paper, nice touch!

Over all, Beau Clothing is doing a great job and I think they deserve your attention.  Check them out, if you order a tee please come back here and share your thoughts!  Thanks for reading.

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  1. Just to clear some things up, that was our first shirt. We have since done our best to continue to grow, and that includes the tag situation! Thanks for the heads up Jen

    • Awesome! It’s very good that you found and fixed little issues like that. I just like to point things like that out because I know other brands read this blog and I’d just like to keep everyone who wants to start their own brand from having the same problems. Again I love what your doing and I hope everything continues to go well for you!


  2. Great interview! Great looking!

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