Hollow Clothing – No Holes, Don’t Worry!

I keep finding more and more brands from the UK with promising lines.  I’m starting to think we should all pay more attention to whats going on over there! Hollow Clothing has some awesome shirts to offer you.  The main goal of the brand is to  make awesome t-shirts and go surfing so there’s really no rhyme or reason to it it’s just plain awesome.  This is my favorite shirt of theirs:


I know, pretty sweet right?  I love this tee, first of all royal blue is my favorite color, and I have a new love for typography tees so I really dig this shirt. I think there’s only small and medium left, and there was a ladies version but it’s also sold out.  I can’t tell what kind of shirts the print on for sure but it looks like it could possibly be American Apparel.  Don’t go quoting me though. 😉

Hollow Clothing has a lot more to offer in the future and since they’re going through a slight re-branding right now I’m sure that things will get bigger and better!  They have quite a few other tees in their shop that are worth your little peepers peeping at so don’t just take my word for it, go look right now!  Then leave me comments telling me what you think.  Those are orders. =)

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